when rain falls hard on empty streets but it’s satisfactory because the florists are all closed and there are no more parties to go. In times like these, baby bear is thrown into relief by choosing the same terry cloth … Continue reading

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what could have been. What could have a mustached twenty-one-year-old with an easy twinkle in his eyes, gone on to be. Lately my thoughts have plunged deep into my childhood memories. These kinds of recent ruminations with vivid recollections of … Continue reading

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Around this time of year by way of its crisp and frosty air, carrying with it hints of citrusy aromatic Douglas fir and the woodsy vapors of rosemary on melting fat of a leg of lamb, I don’t feel like … Continue reading

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It has taken me some time to come around and find a routine to care for my face. Through some matter of folly, I’ve developed a solid routine and stuck to it. Focusing a bit of time for myself and … Continue reading

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I’m giving something new a try, not from an unknown source, au contraire Annmarie Skin Care and I go back a few years and so far so sweet to be loved and thought of by a pioneer in this holy … Continue reading

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If only we could stop the month of August and let it linger on a bit longer. Its light, like steeping tea seeps into the western part of the nest. Dusk…that magical light, in this eve of August night, nimbly … Continue reading

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Please accept my apologies for this non-July recipe. It was a request from a special person for a special day, so cardamom clouds in July here we come. While we are normally beach-combing this month and discovering an interesting rock … Continue reading

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Roses glow. Something about the edge of the day before our sprouts and blooms vanish into the dark night sky…something about that light, that aura that illuminates the embryonic, unfurling leaves and how the petals meddle with the light. Scattered … Continue reading

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Take a Breath

Offered by the friendly winds; they traversed from faraway lands.Take a deep breath and pass it along with gratitude. Blow it across the inexhaustible horizon and let the moment take hold. Recognize the things that will cause you much distress … Continue reading

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Little Yellow Luggy

Lately I have been giving much thought to the maligned mystery of the deficient acts of stewardship in our nest. Despite my endeavors in reminding all bears to step into their duties of a steward and curate their belongings, my … Continue reading

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